Dear Parents and students,

We miss you! All of our instructors miss teaching you and seeing your faces every week. We really hope to see you in class again very soon, when health orders and restrictions have eased. Thank you to students and parents who have reached out to us about restarting classes. Meanwhile, please keep an eye out for updates, which we will be posting here.

The past year has brought great changes to our lives, and with it, our opportunities to train and learn together. We understand it may be difficult for you to practice effectively at home, and hope you have had the chance to continue doing so. We have released a series of ‘Practice at Home’ videos on YouTube mentioned on last post, which is a great way to train and follow along with. Just make sure you watch your surroundings, and don’t knock over the TV (or your mom’s favorite vase!)

We are also excited to be organizing a new way of training, which is suitable for students of all levels to participate in. Keep your eyes peeled, as we hope to make an announcement very soon. 🙂

Despite setbacks, the pandemic presents us with some opportunities. Now, more than ever, it is important we continue to exercise the tenets of Taekwondo by following public health guidelines so we can protect friends and neighbors. We remain courteous by minimizing contact and protecting each other. Knowing what we should and should not do by following the public health guidelines is an example of integrity. We are proud that everyone has demonstrated their amazing perseverance through these special times. Even at times when it may be tempting to break our self-control, we do not falter. These circumstances are difficult for everyone but we can overcome these hurdles with our indomitable spirits.

Wishing students and families are safe and well. See you soon.

Sport-Art TKD Instructor Team