T-shirt Design Contest

Hey students, bring out your creative side and join the T-­shirt Design Contest! The winner of this contest will receive a FREE T-­shirt, and have his or her artwork printed on the T-­shirts that our entire club can wear next summer! You can also vote for your favourite design at the end of the year!

Contest Rules:

  1. The design has to be Taekwon­-Do related and appropriate
  2. You may use up to three colours for the design
  3. You can draw or use digital artwork for your design
  4. Only submit your own artwork
  5. You can design the front and back of the T-­shirt
  6. Submit a scan or image file of your design (.png or .jpg)
  7. Be sure to name your file (First Name)_(Last Name)_(Dojang)
  8. example: Rafael_Jacinto_Southarm.jpg

To submit an entry:

  1. Upload an image file of your design here
  2. Fill out the contest entry form here

The deadline to submit is December 4th, 2015. Good luck, and let your creativity run wild!